I had discovered this visualization, much earlier, thanks to Nathan Yau. I found it amazing because it is so smooth, runs in my browser, and yet is so complex. It uses forecast data from NDFD, downloaded every hour, and flow lines extrapolated from wind speeds and locations. At the same time, everything is zoomable. It was probably the piece of art that convinced me I should learn javascript. Not for the science but for what it can help to produce.

Today, thanks again to Nathan Yau, I discovered this. Now, I am speechless. Also, after a previous NDA work with a customer, for which I had to do real javascript work1, I realize that I must learn javascript…

If, by any chance, you come across this, and you’d have other amazing visualization things like this (in any language), do not hesitate to share them with me! Thanks!


  1. I need to anon this and create a showcase in the project section, by the way. 

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